Nti Vibration Meter

NTi Audio is pleased to introduce the Vibration Meter. Built on the advanced technology employed in the XL2 Sound Level Meter, the Vibration Meter is an enticing addition to the NTi product family, providing many functions for vibration analysis. The Vibration Meter accurately measures acceleration, velocity and displacement simultaneously for frequencies down to 0.7 Hz. The results are presented with metric or imperial units, or as a dB value with an adjustable reference level. Various filters as well as time weightings, including gliding RMS values for smooth readings, Peak and Peak-Peak readings are available, supporting a broad range of applications. The data logger supports recording of vibration measurements and CPB results in plain text format for easy import e.g. into MS Excel. The vibration signal can also be stored, along with measured data, as a compressed or linear wave file. All data is stored on the device's SD card, along with voice notes if required. The SD card provides sufficient space for long-term vibration assessments.

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