Nti FX-Control V3.0

Version 3.0 of the FX-Control Software contains many new useful functions for all FLEXUS FX100 customers, and is available for free download. A significant addition is in the field of electrical loudspeaker measurements. The calculation of the resonance frequency and the Thiele/Small parameters is now fully supported by the FX-Control software. The impedance characteristics are used as input parameters, optionally with or without additional load on the loudspeaker membrane. Another innovation is in the control of measurement sequences. The new "Continuous" option in the Sequence Editor, allows one measurement step to continuously execute until the user requests the next step. As usual, the firmware and software updates for the FLEXUS FX100 are free. You can download Version 3.0 installation files and sample project files from the FLEXUS FX100 Support website.

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