Nti DS3 / PA3

NTi Audio has developed a new lightweight, yet robust omnidirectional sound source together with a powerful amplifier. Despite its low weight of only 7.5 kg, the new DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker consistently delivers up to 121 dB sound power level for extended periods of time. The high output is suitable for testing in rooms with lots of background noise, and the sturdy grids and housing are designed to take the knocks of everyday usage, even in hostile conditions such as construction sites. The new Dodecahedron Speaker Set is compliant with ISO16283, ISO140, ISO3382 standards. The DS3 is driven by the new PA3 Power Amplifier, which has been optimized for high performance and ergonomic operation. The illuminated buttons, together with the angled front and rear panel provide a comfortable direct access to the control elements from a standing position. The built-in signal generator includes vital test signals, e.g. an equalized Pink noise for an acoustically-flat frequency response from the DS3.

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