HARMAN Dante 4.0

HARMAN’s support of Dante networked audio allows audio to be passed through BSS Soundweb London BLU-806DA, BLU-326DA, or BLU-DA devices into any Crown BLU link-enabled amplifier. These Soundweb London processors make it possible to use Dante to pass audio between multiple locations, capable of being routed through switches and existing network infrastructure. They can also be used as a bridge to convert Dante audio to BLU link for low-cost audio redistribution of up to 60 devices within a rack or room. In addition to using BLU link amplifiers in a Dante system, Crown DriveCore Install (DCi) DA Series amplifiers can also receive Dante audio directly. All DCi DA models are capable of providing 70Vrms/100Vrms audio per channel. With new Dante Domain Manager firmware update for BSS and Crown, all Dante-enabled BSS SoundWeb London processors and Crown DCi-DA amplifiers, will support Audinate’s Dante 4.0 firmware, featuring Dante Domain Manager.

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