Genelec 7380

Genelec has chosen Amsterdam's IBC Show to unveil the flagship 7380 SAM subwoofer. The 7380 offers both high power and high SPL, with an extended low-distortion LF response and flexible bass management options. The 7380 can be simply and seamlessly integrated into any monitoring system - from stereo to multi-channel, delivering a level of performance normally associated with much larger enclosures. The 7380 can work in standalone mode with traditional main monitors, or can be tightly integrated into a Genelec SAM system using GLM, so that users can benefit from extensive room compensation features. The 7380 can be optimised to achieve the best possible performance even in challenging acoustic environments. The 7380 is tailor made for discerning professionals in music, post, film or broadcast that demand powerful, dependable LF reproduction in a surprisingly compact form factor.

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