Cordial CSM FM Gold 250

CORDIAL launched its high-end studio mic CSM FM GOLD 250 to provide the ultimate, the optimal tool for studio engineers, studio owners and musicians, ensuring the transmission of original studio mic signals without any loss of quality. To ensure the optimal true-to-life sound, Cordial focused on achieving minimal attenuation levels. Decisive factors to reach this goal are the considerable 0.50mm2 conductor size of the utilized bulk cable CMK 250 and the high purity of the applied copper material. As customary for Cordial products, the applied NEUTRIK XLR connectors are hand soldered and feature gold plated contacts, thus minimizing the risk of corrosion. Due to transparent shrink-on tubes, each cable can be labeled individually and Velcro straps simplify the neat and safe bundling of cables. Available lengths are 2.5m, 5m, 7.5m, and 10m.

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